Tuesday, September 06, 2005

This isn´t Nassau!

I didn´t expect this crazy of an experience this early in the voyage. Everything well, but our group of 16 people is stuck in the town of Las Claritas in southeastern Venezuela in the middle of a peaceful protest. This is a gold mining town and its residents closed the only road out of here at 5pm last night in protest of the 20 gallon gasoline quota imposed on them by the government. We still need to make our flight seven hours away and the boat is scheduled to leave tonight. I´ll let you know if we make it.

I have a ton of crazy stories from day one in the country, but I´ll have to share them upon my return to the ship. But things are good here and we´re all enjoying the experience, despite the fact that there are a hundreds of people on the streets right now.


Dunagan said...

Rico, you crazy bastard! Get back on your ship! Also, do the safest thing, and look both ways before crossing the street, especially if it is the only road out of town.

Mandy said...

Viel Glueck!!!! :-)