Sunday, September 18, 2005

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

I'm heartbroken - Salvador is no longer in sight. The gamble was well worth it; I made it back to the ship with plenty of time to enjoy Salvador and Brazil for a few more hours before meeting with boarding. Bare with me as I need a few days to process this experience, but I leave you with two things. First, the following is the introduction to Fernando de Noronha taken from page 511 of the 6th Edition of Lonely Planet - Brazil (2005). FYI, the Lonely Planet series is the bible to any self-respecting travelers these days.

"With its crystal-clear water, rich marine life, and tropical landscapes, the Fernando de Noronha archipelago is one of the most stunning places in Brazil, if not the entire world. Brazilians consider Baia do Sancho, Baia dos Porcos, and Baia do Leao to be three of the best beaches in the country. The mainland, much of which is national park, is sparecely populated and tourism has become the main source of income for locals.
"As a guaranteed highlight of any trip to Brazil, Fernando de Noronha is worth the expense."

I believe this is an understatement. As exhibit #1, I leave you this picture until I post a full report.

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