Friday, September 09, 2005

Livin' on a Prayer

New statistic of the trip: I've been told by the residence deans there were 26 confirmed pregnancies during the spring 2005 SAS voyage. Postscript: I can't believe I fell for that one. Holy schneikies.

In other news, as the AV coordinator, it was my privilege to organize a karaoke party in the Pit for the staff tonight. Many had never done karaoke before, and I believe they’re all sold on the idea. With 80 percent of the ship’s crew hailing from the Philippines, I had no problem finding two Karaoke machines (one of them portable) with thousands of songs to choose from until ship security told us students were complaining that we were being too loud. We might be done for tonight, but there will be several more Karaoke nights as we plow forward. Consider this a warm-up for Japan.

We’re crossing the equator tonight, and I’m already tired of having to adjust my clock as we head east towards Brazil. I can’t believe I’ll be doing that another twenty times or so. I always felt my biological clock operates under a 26 hour cycle, so these 23 hour days are going to catch up to me at some point.

Since everything is geared towards Brazil right now, I’ve been doing my best to be an expert as I get asked to do things such as teach the choir some Brazilian music and be interviewed by many students about Brazilian culture, religion, food, and language. Luckily there is an interport lecturer onboard who knows capoeira, so I wasn’t asked to teach that, but am thoroughly enjoying learning it from him. I expect to be a mestre by the end of the week.

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Anne said...

Rico- Tell Melissa H. that I don't believe the 26 pregnancies statistic to save my life. The rumor mill on SAS is infamous. Try starting rumors...its fun to see how fast they travel. The F'00 staff came up with some good ones and watched them travel through the ship in a day.