Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Chegando no Brasil

Brazil is within site. I was given the opportunity to talk about Brazil as an improvised interport lecturer and the excitement is back in the stratosphere. I'll be spending all day and all night having fun with the new friends in Salvador, then flying off on my own to Fernando de Noronha. My only disappointment is that I'm going to be traveling by myself; a lot of people want to come along, but it takes a lot of planning to be able to get a plane ticket to the island. So I'll make the best of it and have a great time in Bahia before taking off.

I'm also taking a huge gamble by flying back to Salvador the day the ship leaves. I have four back-up flights and a lot of cash ready in case there's a problem, but you never know if there's an act of god that can leave me stranded. I'll be following the island's weather reports closely in case I feel I should leave a day early. I won't be checking internet until the 17th or so, assuming I'm back. It would be terrible if I don't make it, especially since I would miss ten days with Desmond Tutu on the ship, but if there is one place to miss the ship, this would be the least horrible since I would travel to Sao Paulo to see the family, then fly to South Africa and meet up with Sara.

But I refuse to jinx myself. The weather will be beautiful, and the plan will work as scheduled. Keep your fingers crossed.

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mizzle said...

Hey Ric! Can we send you mail on the boat? What's your address?