Tuesday, November 01, 2005


So a while back I asked people on the ship if they would guest blog for me once in a while. “I hang out a lot with Sony,” I thought. “She's hilarious - I’m sure she’ll have a funny story or two for the folk back home.”

I guess I wasn't expecting a work of fiction. Though she did come up with a pretty funny story... if Sony wanted to make me squirm, she succeeded. (This story is actually applicable to David from the Global Nomads).

A little about Sony… she is, hands-down, the best videographer I’ve ever seen at work. She’s shooting the voyage DVD and we had the honor of using her camera work on our fun Olympics video. You can read a little more about our adventures in her blog (http://sonyss.blogspot.com) or the travel articles she writes for GoNomad.

Warts and all. Warts and all...

When he shed his long locks on Neptune Day I cried out "No, not the hair!". When he took off for Salvador solo, I secretly wished I could come with. When he dressed in a longi surely I thought he'd look too feminine to find attractive. But then he had to go and pull out all the stops last night; donning a white-pressed captains uniform with crisp clean cut pants. What's a lonely single girl in the middle of the Bay of Bengal to do with her Brazilian crush on Halloween night? He's well aware of the hypnotic power he wields and works it like bait on a hook. Cunningly tossing a toothy smile and a couple winks my way when his ego needs massaging. Unfortunately, I'm behind a long long line of perfectly shaped 22 year old princesses, all battling for a few precious seconds of Rico's attention. Looks isn't everything though and so surely Rico lacks in other areas, like perhaps personality, charisma or brains? No, no and no again. The angels above crafted yet another man out of most women's reach. But nobody's immortal and so I'm determined to find the weakest link beyond Rico's perfectly polished exterior. What makes this guy squirm? What terrifies him? What or who or when isn't he comfortable? A decade of photographing people has me trained to be more observant than most and so Rico, my beautiful buffed Adonis, your my case-study until the end of the trip. One false move and your mine!


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Mandy said...

Go Sony! Go Sony! ;-)