Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Pacific IS as Blue as my Dreams

We’ve arrived in Hawaii, we’re waiting for the ship to clear. It is going to be faster than we expected. The day was glorious – I didn’t work much, the sea was smooth, the weather was perfect, we had a navy plane fly by the ship some three of four times, dipping its wing each time, and we even saw two whales as we approached the ship. Well, I didn’t, but most people did.

The funny thing was watching people activate their cell phones as we came into cell phone range. By the time we reached Honolulu, EVERYBODY had a cell phone outside, and even I talked to Becky from the Chaplin’s phone. I think the voyage will be psychologically over after this port.

Here’s a sample conversation, as suggested by Jason:

Yeah, I’m in Hawaii. What? No, I’m in Hawaii. The O.C.? They broke up? Really? Oh, I liked them all, but tell me… they really broke up?

Good times. A few housekeeping items. First, I wrote a guest blog entry on the most popular blog on SAS.

Second, I found out Amy has a bunch of pictures up from Brazil.

We’ll be off soon, we might have time for more.

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brent said...

WHAT? I can't believe they broke up. This is the single most shocking thing that I have read on this blog in the last couple months.

welcome almost home mister rico.