Sunday, October 16, 2005

Ranch at Sea

Excuses, excuses, excuses. Ok, I know some of you might be waiting for the Mauritius report, but I've been extremely busy on the ship - all while having a good time, of course. Most of you reading this right now know that making the Executive Ranch and MS150-stylevideo clips is one of my favorites things to do in the entire world, and when the staff team was supposed to come up with a skit for the Sea Olympics talent show tonight, I suggested that we take advantage of the five video professionals on the staff and make a five-minute, slick-looking production on the Truman Show-esque premise that Semester-at-Sea is really a motion-control ride and that all the staff and faculty really are actors. Let's just say I haven't slept much the last few days. Though based on the response in the showing tonight, it was worth the effort. I can't imagine how it would have turned out if I had the Ranchmates to help brainstorm and make it happen.

Anyway, as soon as the Sea Olympics are done tomorrow (I'm competing in the pull-up, push-up, and synchronized swimming competitions), I'll immerse myself on the Mauritius report.

Speaking of videos, I was talking to Greg, a former Dutch gymnast on the ship a couple of days ago who mentioned that he was a huge fan of the Stanford Men's Gymnastics video pages, without knowing that we were the ones who developed it from scratch. I was pretty happy to hear how big those sites have gotten.

Yesterday I was officially as far away as San Fran as physically possible on earth, twelve hours ahead of y'all.

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