Thursday, October 13, 2005

French-Speaking Hindus

I was fortunate enough to hang out with Chris Bolin, the trip photographer (who is mentioned in the guest blog) for most of the best day in Mauritius, so I didn’t take too many pictures and am waiting to get his before writing the full report. It’ll be a fun one. Here are a few more previews, though, part of the reason it was so much fun:

The best and dumbest idea ever.

The best idea ever. (This is me hanging out with the videographers for the Global Nomads, Jason and Byron. Please check out their site - Both those guys lived for three seasons inside the Jessica Simpson’s household working on the reality series and they just received insider information that the Nick and Jessica split up. But I’m not supposed to share that).

The water.

They're so nice!

...snicker, snicker....

By the way, this is the state department warning that caused us not to go to Kenya.

More as soon as I have el fotos!

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