Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Somewhere in the North Atlantic

We’re off and sailing to Barcelona! We’re not terribly far away from where the Titanic sank many moons ago, so Mon and I already pretended that I was Leo and she was Kate and did the spread armed kiss on the front of the ship at sunset while Celine Deon played in the background. Alright, that’s not true. But that’s not to say it won’t be by the end of the voyage.

The students, all 739 of them, are onboard the ship, and they sure look a lot younger than I remember them five years ago (I can’t believe it was that long). There’s quite a bit of excitement in the air, with everyone giddy to be aboard, and we’re trying to settle into a routine as classes start tomorrow.

We’re getting a few more swells right now but nothing too bad. Luckily, Monika is no longer seasick, and the squeaky laughing dolphin outside our cabin at night now has a name – Billy Jean. Something must be really funny because that dude is pretty loud right now.

We also uploaded a bunch of pictures and videos to Picasa at A sample:

Enjoy the Picasa album, but we’ll upload more when the bandwidth gets better.

So this voyage is obviously completely different from the last one. Here’s a blurb from the blog last time, when they sent us a plan to rescued from a blockade in the Venezuelan jungle:

“Right away we knew things weren’t quite right. At every military stop along this solitary road that connects Brazil with northern Venezuela, they are telling us that the locals were staging a protest and have blocked the road in Las Claritas. We were hopeful that by the time we arrived in town, things would have calmed down and we would be on our way. That wouldn’t be so."

And this is what a blurb looks like now:

“We had a wonderful time in Halifax. After Elise fell asleep at the amazing Public Gardens, we went to a grocery store so we could stock up on diapers for the trip. Luckily, we found a playground only a block away from the ship, with a nice variety of options for Elise. There’s nothing like discovering a new sandbox to play with after a few days after a few days at sea.”

Alright, we actually did get to walk the city a bit, but I’m pretty sure that while there may not be any “they sent a rescue plane to save us from the jungle blockade” or "I'm riding a moped at night left side of the road in crazy Mauritian traffic and my headlight went out" stories this time around, we’ll certainly be experts in Mediterranean playgrounds by the end of the trip. Which is great, by the way – I really could hang out with Elise at a playground all day long.

I’m off to bed now. We’re keeping track of Elisey-isms, so I’ll post them tomorrow night sometime.

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