Monday, June 21, 2010

Azores and Dolphins

My work day is done. Pretty busy night – lots of activities that required AV around the ship, but everything is turned off and locked right now. The ship’s route put us exactly through the islands of the Azores archipelago, so it was pretty cool to look outside and see the volcanic cones drift past our windows every once in a while. We should be hitting Gibraltar about 2pm tomorrow, and given how smoothly the seas have been so far, they are expected to be even smoother in the Mediterranean, and for the rest of the voyage.

And because we were near some islands, we encountered quite a few birds and dolphins the last few days. They are right out our window – I managed to get a little video of a school going by:

I posted some new pictures here:

I’m off to the staffulty lounge to finish off the night, more tomorrow.

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