Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Coming to America

I've been up all night again, my second night in a row, saying goodbye to peeps and engaging in very long conversation with professor Kevin Murphy about Global Studies and Semester at Sea. Because of that, I need to finish packing and won't write extensively right now; I'll extend my final blog entry to sometime next week when I get back to the Ranch.

It's been an eventful last day. I don't think anyone on the ship missed last night's sunset, where, after 100 days (99 days back home), I finally saw the mythical green flash at the tail end of the sunset that I heard so much of during the voyage. It really exists, though you have to stare at the sun the whole time to be able to see it.

We had a final convocation last night, which was a great way to bring closure to the voyage. I'll write a little more about it when I'm coherent.

We walked out early today to watch the last sunrise, with everyone on land as California appeared in the horizon. All of the backs are packed in the hallways of the second deck, which is surreal - the long hallways seem to be made of suitcases.

Because of a military ship, we're running some 45 minutes late, but we should be alongside shortly. I need to hurry up. More updates in a few days.


Steven of Beachwood said...

A wish for a good life. I have enjoy your blog....

Anonymous said...

Rico... I am so thankful that Anne Dowd gave me your blog address. Having sailed in Fall 2000, it was awesome to vicariously go again. The "real" world is an adjustment after 100 days, but the memories and friendships are worth every emotional moment. Perhaps one day we will meet. Until then.... enjoy!

B.J. Keefer

Mandy said...

Can't wait for tomorrow!!!

Welcome back!