Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Magnificent Desolation

This is nice. I’m enjoying the nighttime reflections in the water of downtown Nassau, sitting on the staff/faculty deck in these last quiet moments before the students arrive. Everyone just went to bed after the last minute preparations and what has become our nightly ritual of heading over to the faculty lounge until they’re done serving.

I want to apologize for the constant spelling errors and awkward sentence construction in the blog. I minimize my time on the computer so I write these small updates in stream-of-conciousness format. I do plan to write full, cohesive essays once in a while that would involve proofreading.

Anywho, there's a picture of my scuba dive from the photographer who followed us around. You can check it out here – that is me in this picture. The hurricane had churned the water a bit that day. BTWs, my land-based pictures will be uploaded at a later date.

I felt a little spoiled today… the parents were allowed on the ships without their students and the ship staff prepared an amazing display of culinary artwork that included realistic, lifesize sculptures and dragons made completely out of chocolate. The dragon looked so impressive Dunny would have soiled his pants.

It was during the parent presentations that it first hit me that this is real and we’re about to set sail. Assuming all students make it to the ship despite the hurricane, we’re off tomorrow, and the anticipation is starting to reach “I’m-going-to-Stanford” levels for me.

(By the way, there are 19 Stanford students on this voyage).

If the rest of the students are anything like the work-students who arrived early on the ship, which I assume they will be, they’re going to be blast. But these last moments of silence are pretty relaxing. I’m staying out here a few more minutes.

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